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    Who We Are

    Your Wellness Professionals


    Our Mission


    The Massena Yoga Studio’s mission is to build community through sharing mindfulness, breath and movement.

    Our Journey


    The Massena Yoga Studio has quickly grown since its opening in 2018 to be a community minded yoga studio. The studio offers a variety of yoga classes to accommodate the needs of our community, from beginners to experienced yogis. Our instructors are passionate about yoga and bring their ever-expanding knowledge to each class taught. We foster a safe environment physically and emotionally, and have been known to enjoy some laughs along with our inner peace. The Massena Yoga Studio welcomes you to come and explore where your yoga journey can take you.

    Our Team


    Allison Smith

    Owner/Yoga Instructor RYT 500

    Meet Allison Smith, the studio owner and teacher. She started practicing yoga when she was 19 in Boston. As her career took off as a Physician Assistant, her Yoga practice took a hiatus.


    After feeling burnout at work, Allison found yoga again and decided that yoga was the bridge to close the gaps in western medicine. She pursued her teacher training in the Netherlands for her 200-hour certification in Bikram and Hot Vinyasa in 2017. Completed her 500 hour YTT in 2020. She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher and also does private sessions with hands-on assists. She also enjoys teaching restorative yoga. By day she works in the field of mental health and substance use, "I feel yoga is an invaluable adjunct to pharmacological and talk therapies."


    Allison is certified to teach Pre and Post Natal yoga. Having practiced OB, she enjoys supporting mothers during and after pregnancy in this role. She teaches aerial classes and enjoys using the silk as a tool to deepen ones practice and help students feel secure in trying new poses with support. She is also a Reiki Practitioner and practices Sound Healing and performs Sound Baths. Allison is also working towards certification in Functional Medicine and loves to meld the healing powers of food with movement. To book a functional medicine consult visit MediSpa at St. Lawrence Surgery | Potsdam, NY ( 


    Lisa Bresett

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200

    Lisa completed a 200 hour yoga certification in Hatha yoga in May of 2019, where the focus was on connecting the mind, body and spirit.


    “I enjoyed teaching slow mindful yoga. With 17 years as a NY state registered Physical Therapist Assistant, I see the disconnect of body awareness everyday. When I started going to yoga I was in search of personal growth and yoga brought so much more. Yoga brought a sense of community and the drive to learn more. I hope to bring these interests in self-growth to others.” ~Lisa Bresett “Lisa’s classes create calm. Her voice is perfect and her flows are organised and harmonious, just like she is a person .” -Allison Smith.


    Lauren Sommerfield

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200

    Lauren has practiced yoga on and off since 2008. When the Massena Yoga Studio began, Lauren started to fully incorporate yoga into her life on a regular basis and truly understand the overall benefits. She went to Costa Rica to complete her 200-hour training in September of 2019. 


    Lauren has been in long term recovery from alcohol and substance use since 2008. She believes in making brain health a priority. She is trained as a She Recovers Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher and encourages her students to embrace their personal agency when it comes to their yoga practice. 


    Lauren is married and has three children. She volunteers for the She Recovers Foundation holding space for womxn all over the world. She enjoys reading books that inspire, writing essays, and getting creative. She also adores spending time with her dogs, Blue and Barry, who never let her practice yoga alone at home. 


    Julie Kormanyos

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200, IAYT

    Julie completed YA approved 200h yoga teacher certification and completed her Yoga Therapy certification. In addition, she is a licensed New York State mental health counselor who presently is a school administrator and has over 20 years of experience as a school counselor. For more information about yoga therapy check out Julie's website .


    “It gives me great pleasure to help people see that beyond even their most severe confusion, helplessness, and anxiety they are innately healthy. In my yoga class, I will teach breath work, Vinyasa flow, and relaxation techniques that will assist you in healing your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.” ~Julie Austin-Kormanyos


    Samantha Polnak

    Yoga Instructor RCYT, RYT200

    Samantha has completed her RCYT (chidren's yoga) and 200 hour yoga training. She is certified as a POUND Fitness instructor, and is always finding new ways to connect the mind and body. In addition, she holds her MA in Psychology and is training as a Behavior Analyst in a local school district, working directly with students dealing with developmental delays and disabilities. 


    “Through the practice of mindfulness and yoga, so many wonderful things can be found inside of ones self. Sharing this realization with others has made my career in yoga and mental health one of the most rewarding positions to hold.”


    Mindy Cornell

    LMT, RCST, Reiki Practitioner, YT-200hr.

    Mindy was born and raised here in the North country. She loves the outdoors. She enjoys yoga, meditation and the
    healing arts. Mindy certified in divine sleep Yoga Nidra® by Jennifer Reis. Restorative yoga is her favorite to
    teach and practice.

    WhatsApp Image 2024-02-10 at 7.12.31 PM.jpeg

    Douglas Callegario

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200

    Yoga, for me, is a journey. Over the years I began noticing its signs in my life: being amazed by gymnastics as a child, taking one Physical Education class that dabbed in yoga in high school, seeing a video of someone in Kurmasana years ago and thinking “How the hell can she do that?” and then pushing myself to find out.
    But Yoga is being formed. As I learned how to cook in college, I started investigating Eastern Medicines (Traditonal Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, etc), since food was intrinsic to their philosophies. The more I learned about how the body, and mind, respond to what you give to them, the more I saw the - yoga - connection, unity, in everything.
    The path laid in front of me and I decided to walk it. Random studio classes, home stretching, YouTube watching… It slowly built up. Until I found Ashtanga, then it leaped!
    The Ashtanga practice rewards the effort so quickly that it entranced me. I didn’t that by just moving myself into shapes, by just breathing, by just focusing, I could enter into a brave new world of wonders.
    After countless hours of dedicated study and self-practice, I feel ready to help others feel the “sublime tranquility” of walking the path of Yoga:

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


    Tammy Blanchard

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200

    Tammy interest in and practice with yoga started several years ago when she started with Ashtanga style yoga.  She was drawn to the positive effects of the practice on her body and mind. While initially drawn to Ashtanga, Tammy soon explored additional styles of yoga as well. The more she learned and practiced, the deeper her appreciation for yoga and its benefits became. After several years of practice and personal study, Tammy decided to further develop her own practice and enrolled in a 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training at the Flying Lotus Yoga Center. After completing her teacher training Tammy joined the Massena Yoga Studio team in 2021.


    Tammy believes that yoga is for anyone and everyone to enjoy and benefit from. In fact, her favorite classes to teach are those with a vinyasa style flow because it allows for a wide range of abilities from beginner to advanced. Having also enjoyed settling into her own Yin practice, she offers this meditative, slower practice as well. Having personally experienced the tremendous benefits of yoga herself, Tammy believes the power of physical movement and meditation can help heal the mind, body, and soul of those who practice and looks forward to working with and assisting others with the journey.


    Chantal Forrest 

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200

    I am a passionate and dedicated yoga teacher committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where students can embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation.

    I completed 200-hour RYT at Dallas Yoga Center in 2016 .  I am also certified in Kundalini and Buti Yoga.

    Beyond the yoga mat,  I enjoy practicing guitar and playing violin with the SLU string orchestra. I bring this passion into my yoga classes by leading kirtan (call & response chanting) and sound baths. 

    sig pic 1.jpg

    Sean Faucher

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200

    Sean is a former collegiate athlete who has been on his yoga journey on and off since 2002. He is an advocate of working on himself physically and mentally. He believes the universe speaks to us in many ways and more times than not gives us what we need even when we aren’t looking. It’s exactly what happened when Sean had an opportunity to complete Yoga Teacher 200 hour training at Flying Lotus
    Yoga Center and Juice Bar in Canton, NY. He is influenced by many practitioners but is truly inspired by the Iyengar tradition of yoga and its gentle approach to alignment and breathe work. Sean understands the difficulties that present not just former athletes but those with injuries and limited mobility.
    Sean likes to break social norms about what it means to be a man by living a life authentic to him. Whether it’s coaching sports, spending time with his family or taking on a new adventures like martial arts, yoga or meditation. Sean attempts to creates an environment for men that want to have classes more focused on their needs.


    Mary-Ann Fiacco-Post

    Reiki/Yoga Instructor RYT 500

    Mary-Ann Fiacco-Post retired a district-wide Mindfulness Practitioner and trainer for a local school district. She has experience with students, staff, and district leaders alike. She was in education for 30 years, teaching at both the elementary and middle school levels. 


    Throughout her career, Mary-Ann has always had a soft spot for the most troubled children and was continually looking for ways to support them, as well as her own children.  This led her to the practice of Reiki, mindfulness, and yoga. Mary-Ann actively incorporates these practices in the classroom and after school programs, as well providing professional development for faculty and staff. She knows that these are valuable, practical tools that children and adults can easily integrate into their daily lives, helping them navigate through the many struggles they encounter. 


    Mary-Ann’s training includes completing a 200 hour YTT with Driftwood Yoga and a 95 hour RCYT with a Trauma-Informed Focus through YogaEd. She also has had formal training in Yin Yoga, Aerial yoga, and Kidding Around Yoga for children. She is a certified Reiki Master and teacher. Check out her YouTube channel at  Mary Ann Post.

    unnamed (1).jpg

    Wendy Serguson

    Pound Fitness Instructor 

    Wendy recently retired from a 32 year career as an elementary school counselor in Massena. She took advantage of her time during the pandemic to complete her POUND Fitness certification, combining her love of music and exercise. What is POUND you ask? Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired movements. Using Ripsticks, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, and rockin’ out!


    Stacey Kenny

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200/Aerial Yoga 30 Hour/Reiki Practitioner Usui/Holy Fire Level 2

    Stacey developed a true passion for yoga when she first took an Aerial yoga class in 2019. This led her down the path of pursuing her 200-hr certification at Flying Lotus Yoga Studio in Canton, NY. Her training includes a 30-hr focus on Aerial Yoga, which she completed in 2022. While Aerial is her favorite, Stacey also enjoys many other forms of yoga including Yin, Ashtanga, and Yoga Nidra.


    Stacey is also a certified Level 2 practitioner in Usui and Holy Fire Reiki. She enjoys practicing mindfulness through crochet.


    “One of my favorite things is helping someone discover that they can accomplish something that they thought they couldn’t.” ~ Stacey Kenny

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