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East vs West Wellness Series Participant Review

I recently participated in the East vs West Yoga series at The Massena Yoga Studio with Allison. I honestly wasn’t sure what exactly I was signing up for, but I knew I needed it. I’m glad I trusted my gut… because I learned a lot about my gut health during this seminar. 

Part of what we focused on was a change in diet. Let’s be clear that I use the word “diet” to talk about nutrition or food in general and not an actual diet. AT NO POINT WAS I EVER HUNGRY. In fact, I had to get used to eating a bit more than my usual. I knew that I was slightly sensitive to dairy, but I kept eating it because I really like cheese. I didn’t completely have to give that up. I substituted with plant based/dairy free cheese. I also ate PASTA, a decent amount of pasta. Gluten free pasta, gluten free grains and veggie carbs because carbs are NOT THE DEVIL, as so many of us are programmed to think. 

I didn’t see a change in my weight, which at first, I was hoping for/bummed out about not seeing. However, as the weeks went on, I noticed a huge change in my body. I wasn’t fluffy or pushed out/bloated, I was more patient, more focused, and had a huge increase in energy. This is HUGE for me. My pants weren’t leaving marks around my belly and my rings were spinning on my fingers. My body felt all together better. I do a lot of cardio and weightlifting and my recovery was so much quicker. Muscle and joint aches/pains were gone. 

I know I will have “cheats” throughout the holidays but 100% to be committed and completely back on track in the new year… and I cannot wait!

I enjoyed the discussion and the movement in the East vs West meetings. The yoga studio is such a calming space for me, not to mention judgment free. It was nice to learn about how the other participants felt from week to week, learn about their past experiences, and learn from one another. Another awesome experience was Allison’s willingness to make sure I didn’t miss a second of class when I wasn’t feeling well. We are in the midst of a very uncertain time. A little stomach bug was definitely passed along my family. I was so upset I would have to miss our session…or so I thought! Allison was on it! She sent me a zoom link so I could still participate in the discussion and class from my home (keeping myself and others safe!). I was so thankful for that. I definitely suggest going IN PERSON to all of the meetings. The energy and experience are worth it!

Thank you, Allison and everyone who was part of this journey with me! Here’s to starting 2022 off happy and healthy! 


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